Perri is a female customer who makes her debut in Papa's Cheeseria.

Gender Female
Occupation: N/A
First Appearance Papa's Cheeseria
Flipdeck Card Number: N/A
Known Relatives: N/A
Favorite Holiday New Year (Cheeseria) Rap Battle Finals (Nuggeteria)
Closer N/A


Perri is a young blonde-haired female. She wears a royal blue tanktop with a light blue spiral pattern on it. There's also a gold-striped glasses tucked to the collar. She wears white pants and a pair of gold gloves. She also wears gold-laced blue sneakers with white accent. To complete her look, she wears on a winged-white & blue cap. A blue bird perches itself onto her cap.

Orders Edit

Papa's Cheeseria Edit

  • Ciabatta
  • Asiago Cheese
  • Lobster Chunks
  • Mac n' Cheese (Bacon in other holidays)
  • Bacon (Shredded Lettuce in other holidays)
  • Tomato
  • Southwest Sauce
  • Well Done
  • Waffle Fries
  • Fry Seasoning
  • Rico's Chili

Papa's NuggeteriaEdit

  • Large Gold Nugget (Cheese Nugget In other Holidays)
  • Rapersroom Stick (Yellow Stick in other Holidays)
  • Well Done
  • 1 Nugget
  • Electric Atomic Drizzle (Awesome Sauce in other Holidays)
  • Cheese
  • Onions
  • 2 Nugget
  • Wild Onion Sauce
  • Tomatoes
  • Bacobites
  • Fry Seasoing
  • Tangerine Pop Juice with Purple Burble Drizzle

Ranks to ulock her Edit

Papa's Nuggeteria: Rank 64

Ulocked Ingredients Edit

In Papa's Nuggeteria, She is unlocked with Electric Atomic Drizzle