Papa's Cheeseria
Papa's Cheeseria
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Release Date: June 10, 2015
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Papa's Cheeseria is the 11th game in the Papa Louie's restaurant management series that was released for play by Flipline Studios on June 10, 2015.


Papa's Cheeseria is kicking off its opening night celebration with the high-energy band, Scarlett and the Shakers! Unfortunately, all their music gear has been stolen and the show is canceled. All that expensive equipment is going to take a lot of cash to replace. Good thing you've been hired to build gigantic Grilled Cheese sandwiches at Papa's Cheeseria.

Take orders from Papa's ever-growing legion of loyal customers. Stack up the sandwiches at the Build Station using a dizzying array of breads, toppings, and of course... CHEESE! Cook the Grilled Cheese to perfection over at the Grill Station.

Would you like fries with that? Of course!, So cook those french fries up fast at the Fry Station. Pile the fries up next to the Grilled Cheese on the plate, load the fries up with toppings, and send the finished order to your patiently waiting customer.

New to the series are the unique Special Recipes. Once earned, you can use them for Daily Specials that your customers can order. Earn bonus rewards for serving specials and mastering each of the 40 Special Recipes!



Papa's Cheeseria is about to open, and Scarlett and the Shakers are set to perform on opening night (with the Custom Worker as a guest star). Scarlett/Rudy/Custom Worker drives down to Toastwood to get ready for the big show. However, shortly after talking with Papa Louie at the restaurant, he/she discovers all the instruments have been stolen! Scarlett/Rudy/Custom Worker is now bummed since new instruments cost a lot of money. Suddenly, Papa Louie offers a solution in the form of working at the Cheeseria to get money. With no other choice, he/she decides it's time to get to work.

Ending Edit

The ending sequence for this game is at Rank 65. Hank arrests whoever stole the music equipment, then Papa Louie shows Rudy/Scarlett/Custom Worker that the music equipment is back, so they host a live concert. If one or two custom workers/servers are used, they will play in the concert too.


Big-big-BIG news today everyone!!

As Papa’s Next Chefs is rolling through the semi-finals, we wanted to unveil papa’s next big restaurant….Papa’s Cheeseria!!!

In this newest addition to the Papa franchise, you will be grilling up the toasty-est…
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches in the world! These will be some truly monster grilled cheese sandwiches, featuring tons of toppings, breads, and of course…. CHEEESE!

And what do you know… April is National Grilled Cheese Month!!! So we’ll be spending this month showing you weekly sneak peeks of all the fun you’ll have in Papa’s Cheeseria!


New FeaturesEdit

  • In the clothing shop, players can now choose the color of a particular pattern of clothing.
  • Customers will sometimes bring in golden envelopes containing special recipes.
  • The clothing shop will now contain 3,554 clothing items, more than 10 times the number of clothing items in Papa's Donuteria. Per Matt, "That number includes all of the color options, so red striped pants and blue striped pants are counted as two things, since they appear as two separate items in your inventory (like how they did in KCP)." [3]
  • The Skip Training Button! Players can now skip the training session that occurs at the start of the game.


  • 4/7/15- Papa's Cheeseria is announced! [4]
  • 4/14/15- The brand-new Clothing Bonanza is revealed! [5]
  • 4/20/15- Rudy and Scarlett win Papa's Next Chefs 2015, become the workers for the Cheeseria [6]
  • 4/21/15- Rudy and Scarlett in their new (default) Papa's Cheeseria uniforms.[7]
  • 4/28/15- Papa's Cheeseria is revealed to be located in Toastwood! [8]
  • 5/5/15- Cinco de Mayo will be a new holiday celebrated in Toastwood and one of the four holiday ingredients will be Tortillas. [9]
  • 5/12/15- Today's Special being introduced. Extra challenges on top of the regular gameplay. [10]
  • 5/19/15- New customer, Chester, introduced. [11]
  • 5/20/15- There are 3,554 clothing items in this game, which is more than 10 times the amount of clothing available in Papa's Donuteria. [12]
  • 5/26/15- The Build Station in Papa's Cheeseria is previewed. Players are also welcome to skip the training session at the start of the game! [13]
  • 6/1/15- The Grill Station in Papa's Cheeseria is previewed. [14]
  • 6/2/15- The Fry Station in Papa's Cheeseria is revealed! [15]
  • 6/3/15- Papa's Cheeseria will be released on June 10, 2015! [16]
  • 6/10/15- Papa's Cheeseria is released. [17]

Today's SpecialEdit

(From Flipline Studios' blog [18])

For Papa’s Cheeseria we wanted to introduce something completely new to the series that would pack even more fun and excitement into every workday.

As you’re working at the Cheeseria, a customer will sometimes come in to the restaurant with a special golden envelope in their hand.

These customers with envelopes have a brand-new item called a Special Recipe that you can earn! They will be more picky about grading their order (like a Closer), but if you do a good job on their food they’ll open the golden envelope and present you with a new Special Recipe card!

Each day you can choose what “Today’s Special” will be in the Cheeseria, and you can choose any of the Specials that you’ve unlocked to be the Special for that day. You’ll be able to earn many more Special Recipes as you play through the game, which will all go into a new Cookbook where you can browse through all of the Specials you’ve earned so far.

When you click on one of your Specials, you can see all of the ingredients to make the Special. You can also see a spot marked “Bonus” — that’s right, you can earn a bonus for serving a Special correctly! Each Special has a different Bonus that you can earn by serving, so you may want to make the “Bird Buster” Today’s Special if you’re looking to earn more Mini-Game Tickets, and other Specials will have other bonuses for things like tips, points, and Customer Stars. The Cookbook also has a section to see the ingredients you’ve unlocked!

When you choose one of your Specials to be “Today’s Special”, customers may decide to order that Special instead of their usual order (especially if it has some of their favorite ingredients).

If you build the order well, you’ll earn the Bonus from Today’s Special and will also earn a Star on the Special for serving it correctly. If you earn five Special Stars, you’ll master that Special and it will be marked with a star icon in your Cookbook. You may even earn a surprise for mastering a Special!

This new addition of “Today’s Special” will give players an extra layer of challenge and fun on top of the classic Gameria gameplay, with some awesome rewards for serving Specials. We’re having a blast with Specials as we’re building and testing parts of the game, and can’t wait for everyone to try them out too!!

Stations Edit

  • Order Station
  • Build Station
  • Grill Station
  • Fry Station

Customers Edit

The days a player unlocks new customers (the ones who are not unlocked when reaching a new rank), and the order of when they become available depend on how well one performs during the course of the game. There are really no "set days" as to when some of the characters are unlocked, but their order of appearance should be correct.

Closers Edit

Locals Edit

(Bold customers are closers)

  1. Chester
  2. Rhonda
  3. Brody
  4. Perri
  5. Austin

Absent CustomersEdit

  • Rudy and Scarlett do not order any sandwiches, due to them being the chefs at the Cheeseria. Even if a player chooses one to be their character, the other is still absent.
  • Joy for unknown reasons.


(New Holidays in BOLD)

  • Cinco de Mayo (May) (Unlocked with Maggie at Rank 6) -Favorited by Tomas, Gabriela, Kenji, Ivy, Maggie, Franco, Peggy, Timm, and Clair
  • Summer Luau (June) (Unlocked with Kahuna at Rank 11) -Favorited by Captain Cori, Trishna, Alberto, Hacky Zak, Kahuna, Chuck, and Nevada
  • Starlight BBQ (July) (Unlocked with Marty at Rank 16) -Favorited by Rey Ban, Matt, Boomer, Rico, Lisa, Marty, Ember, and Roy
  • Portallini Feast (August) (Unlocked with Allan at Rank 21) -Favorited by Angelice, Carlo Romano, Olga, Allan, Doan, Hope, Deano, and Connor
  • Maple Mornings (September) (Unlocked with Cooper at Rank 26) -Favorited by Marina, Pinch Hitwell, Brody, James, Zoe, Tohru, Johnny and Cooper
  • Halloween (October) (Unlocked with Willow at Rank 31) -Favorited by Yui, Juanita, Mandi, Mitch, Sarge Fan, Ninjoy, Gremmie, and Willow
  • Thanksgiving (November) (Unlocked with Sienna at Rank 36) -Favorited by Taylor, Edna, Bertha, Big Pauly, Mary, Austin, and Sienna
  • Christmas (December) (Unlocked with Santa at Rank 41) -Favorited by Santa, Gabriel, Clover, Cecilia, Wally, Crystal, Skyler, and Kingsley
  • New Year (January) (Unlocked with Xandra at Rank 46) -Favorited by Nick, Sasha, Iggy, Perri, Xandra, Professor Fitz, Prudence, Kayla, and Hugo
  • Valentine's Day (February) (Unlocked with Greg at Rank 51) -Favorited by Scooter, Rita, Utah, Sue, Foodini, Yippy, Robby, and Greg
  • St. Paddy's Day (March) (Unlocked with Georgito at Rank 56) -Favorited by Julep, Mayor Mallow, Tony, Wendy, Gino Romano, Bruna Romano, Akari, Shannon and Georgito
  • Easter (April) (Unlocked with Little Edoardo at Rank 61) -Favorited by Vicky, Little Edoardo, Mindy, Olivia, Penny, Cletus, and Papa Louie

Mini Games Edit

(New Games in BOLD)

Ingredients Edit




Bold for Toppings in the Fry Station


Bold for Sauces in the Fry Station


Fry ToppingsEdit

Holiday IngredientsEdit

Cinco de Mayo

Summer Luau

Starlight BBQ

Portallini Feast

Maple Mornings




New Year

Valentine's Day

St. Paddy's Day


Special RecipesEdit